SAC History

The Senior Ambassadors Coalition was formed in 1998 by members of the community, through the efforts of the BSA Foundation. Persons of many disciplines who work with, or for, aging adults came together at that time, to identify service gaps and work together to meet those needs. In October 2005, the Senior Ambassadors Coalition received its 501 (c) (3) status as a non-profit organization. SAC’s mission statement is, “To enhance the dignity, respect and quality of life for area seniors.” SAC has a fully functioning board of directors. The total number of participants has grown to over 100 persons, each representing a different agency, business, or community program. All activities and functions are carried out by volunteers within SAC, who also have full-time employment. The target population is senior adults, defined as persons aged 60 and older, who are in need of supportive services. SAC activities include (1) the Community Fall Festival, (2) partnership with the State mandated Community Resource Coordination Group for Adults (CRCGA), (3) sponsorship of professional development eldercare conferences for continuing education, to help those caring for senior adults, (4) coordination of collecting supplies and making referrals for the Silver Star Room of the Adult Protective Services office, (5) collection of personal care items and household supplies for seniors during the Christmas season each year, (6) elder abuse awareness activities, (7) production and distribution of vials of life and educational information to seniors about disaster preparedness, (8) coordination of the Hunger Relief Through Grocery Delivery Program and (9) annual fundraisers, which include Cents for Seniors, a Mother’s Day Tea, and a Golf For Groceries tournament. SAC is constantly on the look-out for opportunities to better serve the senior population.