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SAC Can Help With

SAC Can Help With
Homebound Grocery Delivery • Transportation Vials of Life • Elder Abuse Awareness • Fill Service Gaps For Multiple Needs • Community Education - Senior Fall Festival/Professional Development/Access to Care

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
To enhance the dignity, respect and quality of life for area seniors.

SAC Vision Statement

SAC Vision Statement
Through collaboration communicate, educate and empower our community to improve the access to and availability of resources and services for senior adults and caregivers.

SAC Activities

  • Conducts an annual Community Fall Festival (since 1999), a free health fair and information event for citizens of the area.
  • Provides oversight for the State mandated Community Resource Coordination Group for Adults (CRCGA) that develops an individual plan of care for adults with multiple complex needs.
  • Sponsors professional development workshops for continuing education to help those who care for senior adults.
  • Assists in coordinating supplies and making referrals to the Silver Star Room at Adult Protective Services. This program provides personal care items for neglected senior adults.
  • Promotes activities that raise awareness of elder abuse.
  • Produces and distributes Vials of Life and educational information to seniors about disaster preparedness.
  • Coordinates a grocery delivery service for home bound individuals.
  • Works to promote more accessible transportation for senior adults.
  • Constantly on the look out for opportunities to better serve the senior population.

Senior Ambassadors Coalition History

In 1998, the BSA Foundation asked members of the community that work with aging adults to assess the needs of this population, identify gaps in services and work to meet those needs. Soon a name was chosen and the initial group became Senior Ambassadors Coalition (SAC). Now a 501 (C) 3, it represents a large diverse group of individuals, companies and organizations that provide services to this group.

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